Our Team

To be able to accommodate the many different requirements of our customers, we count on an unbeatable combination of specialists and all-around talents. Here you can find out who is behind the scenes at RPM Company.


We have many others that are employeed at RPM Company Inc., but unfortunatey those employees are not listed, their responsibilities are just as important as the team members that are listed below.  They are the employees that actually go out in the field and service our customers and need the most recognition. Our employees are what make us such a great company!

Jim Robinson, Owner and Founder

Jim founded Rpm Company Inc and built his reputation on quality work and efficiency. For over 3 decades he has owned and operated this company that has been a leader in exterior facilities management.  Until he gives his stamp of approval, our mission is not complete.



 317-997-1519 (Cell)

 317-894-0187 (Office)

 317-894-8295 (Fax)

Tammy Robinson, Office Manager

Tammy is a perfectionist and responsible for all office related duties involving accounts payables and receiveables. She manages both of our office locations. She takes care of all of the necessary paperwork involving employees and customers.



317-997-1515 (Cell)

317-894-0187 (Office)

317-894-8295 (Fax)